Are you drowning in clutter?

Are you drowning in clutter?

Are you drowning in clutter?Are you drowning in clutter?Are you drowning in clutter?

Access over 13 years of professional Organising experience with just one click!

Organised2aT is a Central Coast, NSW based business

Everyone has a bit of mess here and there, after a little while it can build up to be a real headache. Here at Organised2aT we have years of experience with any level of mess and disorganization. So what exactly is the service you will receive?


What is Professional Organising?

Organising is not just a cleaning service,  Professional Organisation aims to give balance to your life. Instead of only putting things back in order Jennie provides systems that will help reduce clutter now and for the future. 

Through Jennie's services you will; 

  • Create spaces in your home you never thought possible
  • Try tested and economical storage concepts
  • Develop systems for paperwork, bills and filing
  • Decrease visual clutter and create a home space that satisfies your aesthetic preferences
  • Relieve the stress and anxiety associated with clutter
  • Allow you to come home to a place that relaxes rather that riles you.
  • And much more

About Jennie

Jennie is more than passionate about organising she has lived it her whole life.

Jennie has spent her life teaching at pre-schools from all around NSW. As a change of pace Jennie found herself working as a domestic cleaner being sent to do simple cleaning jobs. However Jennie couldn't help herself in sorting and orginising these people's lives, she rightly saw a desperate need for more than just cleaning for her clients, she solved problems they didn't know they had. In 2006 she finally took the plunge and went out on her own to create the now prestigious Organised2aT. Since then she has worked hard building the business and maintaining excellent standards, while also learning from industry experts to continuously improve those standards for her professional orginising services. 

Customer Confidence Guaranteed

We understand that your home is the archive of your life, at Orginised2aT we treat your belongings with respect. Sorting and Orginisation is about keeping those things you find precious without letting them smother you. Jennie will work at your pace, with as much or as little input as you require.


Vivienne - Horsefield bay

"Jennie Fountain has worked with me in my home over the past 18 months as a Professional Organiser. As a home educating mother of 5 children including a young baby, I was becoming overwhelmed be the encroaching clutter, and I am amazed at the transformation Jennie has helped me to achieve."

Jan - Saratoga


"You are a wonder! Over the past many months your expertise in organising my office has proved invaluable in the simpler running of my daily routine which has resulted in more personal time, a happier demeanor and a less-cluttered mind."

Rebecca - Terrigal

"Organised 2a T service was just perfect I would recommend the service again and again.Jts 100% dedication given to the job."

Beth - Umina

"When I saw Organised 2a Ts advertisement it seemed to be talking to me. Are you drowning in clutter? I thought to myself how did you know? Before the session I was very nervous and not sure what to expect but by the time the three hours were up I was very happy and feeling very proud of myself as it is not easy to throw out part of yourself, but how much better I felt and how nice it is to see a tidy workable space"

Sue - Warnervale

"I was scared to tackle the garage on my own but with Jennie's fabulous assistance we were finished in a few hours. It works-it motivates you to do a job that you always kept for tomorrow."

Jennifer - Toukley

"Before the first session I was feeling very overwhelmed with my whole life. Now I feel I am on the way to a successful business and an organised home life. My advice to others is Just Do It! "

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